Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New trends in hardware…. are drawer pulls a thing of the past?

So, every year we go down to Pennsylvania for an Annual Design Seminar that is held by our family down at Premier Custom Built,, (fyi- they’re the best cabinet makers in the industry today) at which time we learn about all the exciting new products that we’ll be seeing in the coming year. Last year there was some talk about nixing hardware (drawer pulls/knobs), but the technology wasn’t quite there yet. The only options that were on the market that were even remotely acceptable (in terms of quality) required electricity – so not only were you outta luck if you lost power, but the drawer had to be constructed in a way that would allow for the system to be mounted onto the back/interior portion of the cabinet (which meant sacrificing drawer/storage space) and it could not be used in framed cabinetry (only available for frameless application). Anyway, word on the street is that this year there is a new product on the market that meets all of our [extremely high] quality standards, and allows us the flexibility to go sans hardware in virtually any application. We’re really excited (to say the least)!!!

What do you guys think? Any interest?

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